Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Hm...a face. What are faces?"

We eased into our day at Morning Meeting playing instruments along to Octopus' Garden by The Beatles. Then we sang Good Morning to You, Who's at Buckle My Shoe Today?, There Are Seven Days in a Week, and Today is Wednesday All Day Long.

During Snack, we revisited the conversation we had about Leaf Man by reading Monday's moment in the Sweet Peas Daily Reflection Book. This allowed us to continue where we left off. Here is what we said:

Jenny: "What is Leaf Man?" 
Harry: "Leaf Man is a leaf. A picture of faces." 
Jenny: "Hm...a face. What are faces?" 
Harry: "Cheeks!" 
Nico looked at Jenny. "Eyebrows, eyes" she said.

The children looked at their friends faces around the table and noticed each other's facial features.

Lili looked at Jacob. "Coconuts on Jacob's head," she giggled.
Brandon: "That's Harry's face."
Scarlett: "Eyes."
Nico: "Pictures."
Nadia: "What are you using to eat?" 
Harry: "Grapes."
Nadia: "What is Jenny using to talk to us on her face?"
Scarlett: "Microphone."

Then we had French with Deborah. We sang Alhoutte, Les Petites Marionettes, and Les Petites Poisson. We also pointed to different parts of our body and learned how to say them in French.

During Free Play, Scarlett, Nico, and Lili pulled chairs over to the rug and invited the class to "Circle Time". They pretended to be teacher's by singing songs to the all of us on the rug. Jenny and Nadia pretended to be the children by sitting "criss cross applesauce" and following their directions. Together we sat with the other children as the girls read books to us. (PLEASE SEE VIDEO BELOW) Before lunch, we read Leaf Man by Louis Elhert. The children looked at their faces/reflections in the mirror as they transitioned to wash their hands for lunch. We are eager to see where the Leaf Man will take us.


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