Monday, November 25, 2013

Cold and Cornbread

Morning Meeting we greeted each other and sang A Turkey Is A Special Bird. Nico shared her train with the class. The children passed it around the circle. Here is what they said:
Jacob: "Nico's train. It has three wheels."
Lili: "Nico's train is special."

We talked about Thanksgiving and asked the children what they know about the holiday:
Nico: " I love sweet potatoes!"
Lili: "I like apples."
Scarlett: "Hm...spinach."
Brandon: "Fish."
We also dicussed how Thanksgiving is a special holiday that we say a very special "Thank You" to all of the people we love and love us by coming together to celebrate with a special feast. We also talked about how we are having a big feast together with the Sunflowers and Daisies classes in school. Then we made delicious cornbread for the school feast on Wednesday!

After we made cornbread, the children experimented with oil, water, and watercolor ice cubes. The children investigated it with their hands. "It's cold", said Jamie. "It's cool!" said Nico. During Free Play, Scarlett, Lili,and Nico pretended to be teachers by reading to the class and singing Who' At Buckle My Shoe Today? Brandon and Jamie read books. Jacob played in the sandbox and Harry made "dinner" in the kitchen. During lunch Lili, picked out Where The Wild Things Are? by Maurice Sendak for us to read. At Goodbye Circle, we sang 5 Little Pumpkins, A Turkey Is A Special Bird, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Sambalae.

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