Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sombrero and Fiest

Lili started off our International Week celebration arriving at school in her sombrero. At Morning Meeting, we greeted each other in Spanish. Then we looked at our globe. Lili showed the Mexican flag and pointed to Mexico on our globe. Scarlett found Ireland and we looked at the Irish flag. Then we played maracas along to mariachi music as we danced around Lili's sombrero.

For Project Work, Lili and Scarlett worked on our collaborative spring collage by painting with flowers.
Then we had Music with Evan and took turns playng on his drum kit. What a fun morning!

Lili is painting "The Days of the Week" at the easel. "It's a long week," she added.

Lili is checking Scarlett. "Can you see inside my mouth?" Scarlett asked while Lili was checking her.

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