Monday, March 31, 2014

"It Is A "He"

First of all, welcome back Brandon, Jamie, and Harry! We are so happy to hear that you had such wonderful vacations and had so much fun at the beach! At Morning Meeting, we had a wonderful discussion about the moon:

Jenny: What do you see at night?
The Sweet Peas Class: "The moon!"
Scarlett: " Well, I did not see the moon because it is here in school. It's blue. Yesterday I saw stars and they were so beautiful and it was dark like when I close my eyes. The moon gets hurt when you bite it."
Jenny:  Is the moon a person?
Scarlett: "No it is a "he". "
Jenny: What is a "he"?
Scarlett: The moon!
Jenny: Does the moon have a mommy or daddy?
"No," said the Sweet Peas class laughing. "it doesn't." 
Jenny: Well how did it get here? Does it have a birthday?
Scarlett: "Let's make a cake for the moon and sing Happy Birthday. We can put candles in it!"
Jenny: How old is the moon?
Lili: "3 years old."
Scarlett: "Nah, I think 5 years old."
Nico: " 4 years old."

After this conversation, we read Happy Birthday, Moon. Then we blasted off to outer space to Rocket Ship Run by Laurie Berkner. Then we in investigated shaving cream. As they felt the cream, we asked the children if they think this is what the moon feels like...

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