Thursday, March 6, 2014

Come On and Play With Me!

When Max came to school, Max spelled his name with the letter beads. Hudson was feeling a little because he missed his mommy so began Morning Meeting playing instruments to Octopus' Garden by The Beatles and sang Come On and Play With Me.

At Snack, we noticed that Brandon had pancakes so read Pancakes, Pancakes by Eric Carle. While the Sunflowers and Daisys' classes were at the Art Studio in Tribeca, we explored their classrooms. We mixed watercolor and shaving cream together on round paper to make moons. Brandon and Max built a very long train track. Then we went on a subway train adventure in the Sunflowers classroom. Before lunch, we took turns throwing the beach ball to the number of syllables in our names.

What a fun and busy morning we had! 

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