Wednesday, March 5, 2014

From Horses to Moons

Katya, Lili's mom, began our morning reading The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse by Eric Carle and Harold and The Purple Crayon while we ate snack. At Morning Meeting, we talked about how Eric Carle makes some of his pictures by collaging with tissue paper like in  The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse. We passed orange tissue paper around the circle for the children to feel. "Soft" and "Sticky" were some of the descriptive words the children used as they felt the paper. Next, we had French with Deborah. During Free Play, the children played with Lego's and purple play dough.

At Reflective Meeting, we laid all of Eric Carle's books that we have in the classroom on the rug.  Each child picked a book and looked at all the pages. Once they had found their favorite page, they shared with the class what they liked about that page. Then we laid every one's favorite pictures on the rug and asked the children which picture they would like to create. "Moon!" everyone responded. Then we asked the children if they would like to make a big moon or a tiny moon. Next, Monday we will be making tiny moons just like the moon in Eric Carle's books!

Grandpa likes the red crocodile.

Harry likes the yellow duck.

Debbie likes the ladybugs.

Scarlett likes the ingredients page in Pancakes, Pancakes.

Nico likes the cricket.

Jamie likes the caterpillar on the cover of Eric Carle's book about shapes.

Lili likes the hermit crab.

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