Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hugs and Butterflies

When Lili and Scarlett arrived at school and they headed toward the train tracks which were surrounded by vehicles. “I want to play with the people and be a doctor,” said Scarlett.  Scarlett and Lili went to the dramatic area to find stethoscopes and came back to the block area. Lili took the person with crutches and placed him on the “table”.
 “We check people in the morning. We check people when they are sick. He has a cast. He hurt his ankle. I see the problem. He fell down. He got hurt because he was running,” said Lili.

During snack, we read Stars! Stars! Stars!. At morning Meeting, Lili said, "I want to give Grandpa a cuddle!" This started a chain reaction of hugs for Grandpa, Debbie, and Jenny! Then we began to work on our Spring Friendship Tree. We went to Jackson Square Park to hang up our butterflies with the Daisy's and the Sunflowers classes! What a LOVELY day!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"I Hear the Chicken"

At Morning Meeting, we sang The Itsy Bitsy Spider slow, fast, loud, quiet, and a little silly. Then we talked about Spring and read Ten Wiggly Caterpillars. We worked more on our butterfly gifts for Jackson Square Park. When we finished,  we painted a spring mural using spatulas.

Hudson played and Brandon played in the Daisy's classroom while Scarlett and Max played with Rebecca during Free Play. Scarlett gave Rebecca a check-up. She checked Rebecca's eyes, ears mouth,and listened to her heartbeat. Then Scarlett discovered Rebecca's belly and said "I hear the chicken."

After Free Play, the children worked together to set up each lunch. What a fun day!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Moon!

Our morning began with Brandon sharing Chinese noodles with egg with the class as a continuation of International Week. Then we looked at the colors and shapes on China's flag. Brandon pointed out there is one big yellow star and four "tiny" yellow stars. Then we read The Dancing Dragon.

After Brandon's share, we revisited last week's conversation about celebrating the moon's birthday. Lili, Scarlett, and Harry stated that they are the moon's mommies and daddy. Debbie made a gluten-free chocolate cake for the moon to celebrate it's 5th birthday. But we realized that we did not have any birthday candles. So we decided to go to the store to buy candles and a birthday card to give to the moon.

After our trip to the store, we iced the cake and added blue sprinkles.Then  we made more butterflies to give to the park. When Evan came for Music, we sang Happy Birthday to the moon and played on Evan's drum kit. Before lunch and the moon's party, we noticed that the moon could not "his" cake without a mouth so Debbie painted on a mouth so that the moon could eat "his" birthday cake. After eating our lunch, we lit the candles, presented the cake to the moon, sang Happy Birthday, counted up to 5 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Continuation of International Week

Our morning began Monica with reading the class Where the Wild Things Are in Hebrew and English! At Morning Meeting, we sang Around and Around Is the Name of the Game by passing the ball around the circle and looking at our friend's names as we went around. We noticed looking at the letters 'O", "D", and "C" that these letters also look like the shapes of the moon we are learning about: full, half, and crescent.

After Yoga, Marianne did a presentation with Jamie about England. We learned that the British flag is also known as Union Jack and we saw photographs of major landmarks in London on the posters Marianne made for us. Then she and Jamie showed us toys that come from England and read us Mr. Funny from the Mister Men series. Next, it was time for snacks: sausage bread, pot pie, cookies, chocolate, and a delicious strawberry truffle cake! 

Thank you Monica/Nico and Marianne/Jamie for all of your hard work and participation!

Thursday, April 3, 2014


After Max arrived at school, he drew his self-portrait by drawing his head and his shirt. For Project Work, we made "butterflies" to give to Jackson Square Park. Then we had dance with Elizabeth. After Dance, we read Kitten's First Full Moon and sang Sticky, Sticky, Sticky Bubble Gum

Then we grabbed a bucket of water and chalk to make chalk paintings outside of school to enjoy the beautiful weather! What a fun day!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

" And We Will Do This Friday"

We began our morning enjoying Jacob's book Mr. Messy. Then we revisited our moon conversation from Monday. After reading the discussion, the children decided to bake the moon a birthday cake for its 5th birthday. Scarlett read the teachers mind by saying "And we will do this Friday."

Then we walked around the room, looked, and praised the children's work from International Week. We also decided with them where the Hudson and Scarlett's moon paintings are going to go. At Morning Meeting, we shared with the class that we are going to be making presents for Jackson Square Park. Then we went for a  walk to Jackson Square Park to meet Nancy the gardener who taught us about planting and showed us the new flower buds growing on the leaves and the trees. We got back to school just in time before the rain!

We had French with Deborah. Then we revisited Hudson and Scarlett's painting video. During lunch we read Happy Birthday, Moon by Frank Asch.

Waiting for Nancy at the park!

Searching for flower buds!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

" I Will Paint the Moon For You"

While eating snack, Hudson and Scarlett began talking about the moon:
Scarlett: "We need to catch the moon and put in on the ground, but I don't think it will stay down. It will go up and up and up."
Hudson: "I am going to paint the moon for you, Scarlett."

After Morning Meeting, we decorated flags and taped them behind the door in our classroom. Next, Hudson and Scarlett worked on their April self-portraits. When we asked Max if he would like to work on it today he replied "No not today. Next time Jenny." So, Max will work on his this Thursday. Brandon drew a picture of entitled "Daddy's Airplane". Then we had Free Play and went outside for a walk with the Sunflowers and Daisies classes to Jackson Square Park. During lunch, we read Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.