Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Monday!

Everyone entered the classroom happy and ready to begin to the day. While the children at snack, we read Lili's book Oliver by Sid Hoff. At Morning Meeting, we sang I Have Friend In School Today and practiced singing High Hopes. Then we went and played in Horatio Park.

When we returned back to school, we read Antics! While Harry, Jacob, and Lili worked together to make ants, Nico, Scarlett, Jamie, and Brandon "secretly" worked on Harry's birthday present. During Free Play, we played in the sandbox and had fun with flubber.

Before lunch, we sang Sticky, Sticky, Sticky Bubble Gum. Brandon made all his friends giggle when he showed them his "broken eye". Then we read Jacob's book Eat Your Vegetables by Louis Elhert. During Goodbye, we rapped the ABC's and sang Sambalae.

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