Thursday, September 26, 2013

What a Busy Day!

Today began with Max and Jenny dancing to We Are the Dinosaurs by The Laurie Berkner Band. Max went over to the train table where Hudson was playing. Hudson welcomed Max to join him by saying, " I'm playing with trains, guys!".  We had a VERY musical Circle Time playing our instruments as we greeted each other and sang lots of songs! Jenny read the book Little Gorilla by Ruth Bornstein on the rug. The children requested that I read it again by saying "Again! Again!"
The Sunflowers and Daisies invited us to their classrooms to teach them how to make glue by mixing flour and water. It was so messy but so much fun! We had so much fun exploring their classroom when we were done!
Next, we went for a walk and explored the neighborhood. "Excavator moving! Moving fast!" Max shared with me as we passed the truck on our walk.
We worked on our collaborative Dot Dot painting when we returned.  Brandon worked on his self-portrait. Then we wrapped up our morning digging in the sandbox together. What a busy day we had!

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