Monday, September 23, 2013

Let's Go Exploring!

We began our morning singing the good morning song, There are 7 Days in a Week, and Today is Monday All Day Long. We then explored the neighborhood. "A car!" hollered Scarlett. "Ambulance!" shouted Brandon. We noticed that there were green leaves on the trees and dry brown leaves on the ground. Lili saw a picture of a baby in a laundromat window, giggled, and pointed at it's belly button. Everyone giggled with her.

When we returned from our walk, the children made glue by mixing flour, water, and green paint together. Next, the children explored the glue and began working on a collaborative collage. Nico and Lili began working on their self portraits.

During our reflective meeting, I asked the children what they saw on our walk. Here is what they said:

"I saw people."- Lili

"Monster. Monster eating crackers and bread." - Scarlett

"Seagull." Nico said while waving her hand open and shut to imply the seagull was flying.

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